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Why waterproof backpack and boots are essential

Posted on December 8 2015 by Joe Johnson in backpack, boots, waterproof

Backpacks have long had a place in the back to school accessory rack or as the essential companion to the hardworking college student. Sportsman, hikers, mountain climbers and campers however need something a bit more robust and functional for the sometimes harsh conditions that these individuals subject their bags to. Carrying extra clothing, fire-starting utensils, food and other items that need to stay dry requires a waterproof backpack. Others who are frequently caught in the rain may also need a pack that protects valuable items like computers and books. Sometimes you need waterproof backpacks to go along with your waterproof clothing.

Before you go drooling over all the watertight back carried bags on the market, you may want to decide what it is you are trying to keep dry. While most traditional designs that are water proof may do the job, there may be something specific to your needs.

A good example is for individuals that frequently carry a laptop computer in their backpacks. Wouldn’t you know it that companies actually make a waterproof laptop backpack. For example the Overboard 20 Liter waterproof laptop bag features a 100% water proof enclosure for up to a 17 inch laptop. It even floats in the water should it be dropped in there. The great thing about a bag design like this is that you don’t have to deal with extra bulky space if all you want to do is carry a laptop and a couple books on your bike ride to school. It also has a two-way closure system with openings in either the front or side. Other features include padded shoulder straps, lumbar support, adjustable sternum strap, front webbing pocket and an internal zippered pocket. The overboard retails for about 69.95 on Amazon.

Perhaps laptops are the last thing on your mind. Whether you’re an avid outdoor photographer or you just don’t want your really sweet camera to get wet on your next camping excursion, there are a variety of waterproof camera backpack models available. Designs like these are highly specialized so don’t plan on being cheap. For example the Lowepro Dryzone Rover backpack has features like being manufactured of tarpaulin PVC, hydrapak 50 ounce hydration system, contoured shoulder harnesses, built-in memory card storage as well as removable storage. It holds most any model of SLR camera with ample room for accessories. It retails on Amazon about 230 dollars.

Maybe you don’t need a special backpack for your electronics but instead something that will just keep all your stuff dry. For the go anywhere and do anything spirit there are also an array of waterproof hiking backpacks that do one thing very well; keep your stuff dry while its riding on your back. The Hi-Tech TIOGA 65 Hiking pack is good for climbing and hiking as well as keeping its contents dry. It has an internal frame, top fold access, tip zip built in pocket, compression straps, hydration compartment and a detachable top half that converts to a fanny pack. The TIOGA retails online for 89 dollars.

If keeping out water is your only concern there are models of waterproof bags that will do the trick. While these aren’t fancy backpacks with numerous pockets and innovative zippers, a Seattle Sports Waterproof bag keeps whatever you put in it dry as a bone. It is ideal for activities like motorcycling and other types of cargo protection however taking it canoeing, boating, or snowmobiling are also perfect applications. It is made of 600-denier urethane coated polyester, has welded waterproof construction, weighs a little over a pound and has nearly 3000 cubic inches of capacity. Cylindrical in shape the Seattle Sports bag is carried using a single handle at the top of the bag. The bag retails online for about 20 bucks and the only available color from this brand is blue.

As you can see, it isn’t always the best idea to just go out and buy a waterproof backpack if you need it to be as such for a specific purpose. College students who have to bike to class in the rain, photographers who shoot in remote and damp areas or hikers who want to keep an extra pair of clothes dry all have special designs available to them. There are also options for the active water sports individual who doesn’t necessarily need a bag that can strap to your back but keeps items nice and dry.

With a waterproof backpack, you will also need some good waterproof boots, else the backpack is pretty useless because you will get wet anyway. Wildland fire boots are the best, I suggest you to check out this ones:


Why waterproof backpack and boots are essential
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